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The Alpha Omega Jappa Meditation

moon over my Himmy...Himalayan that is
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Alpha Omega Jappa Meditation
 Develop a chanting program for yourself, that will improve all aspects of your existence...very powerful to do. The power of repetition and association will work to keep important aspects of your life in focus and as such greatly enhancing the fulfillment of your desires.

Also, commit to chanting your favorite Sanskrit mantras out of the book 'Healing Mantras' by Thomas Ashley Farrand, and intertwined with your affirmations and desires, and mix in
some Kingdom of Heaven Within Hymnal Meditations...and the Levitation Meditation for a real powerful cocktail. From my own personal experience, and others, Sanskrit is one heck of a powerful language, much so that the Romans had incorporated many of Sanskrit words into their own Latin language...use it as much as you can for a powerful result!

and add to that...incorporate within your program, a little time to count your blessings, thanking God for them, and as well, here's a good opportunity, here, to remember and appreciate all the special people who have touched your life...and how about reminding yourself of, and patting yourself on the back for, your accomplishments so with this Alpha Omega Jappa Meditation, you can cover all the bases!
And furthermore, have candles, incense, or a small fire...and rose water too...have these with you as you do your chanting...these elements enhance the power. A portrait of your favorite Deity is good too.
You may chant out loud or internalized...or do a bit of both.
 Commit to a program of ...say...36 times a day...every single day...and if you miss a day...make up for it the next
day....very important to stick to it... so make it a comfortable amount that you won’t have any problem sticking to it

Now, go to trouble of getting real good quality crystals...I have found that it makes a difference!
here's where you can buy the crystals on-line

For 36 repetitions,  you must acquire 8 pieces of crystal...with one of them being recognizable from the others which will be
the Alpha crystal...
Get two all the crystals in the first container...


 These eight crystals will allow you to keep track of your counting without having to hold beads. Start off with that Alpha crystal and begin your chant...then after you have done your first repetition, place the Alpha crystal in the
second container...

 Then, take another crystal into your hand and do the second repetition...and then place that crystal in the second

 Do this until seven crystals are in the second container, take the eighth crystal and then,  after you have completed the eighth repetition, instead of placing it in the second container like the others, you take it out of service...

 Now, you have seven crystals in the second container and none in the first...

 Continuing  your chants and go to the second container and pick up the Alpha crystal in your hand, and proceed with
the ninth repetition and then place that crystal into the first container...

 Then, get another crystal from the second container for another repetition and when done, place this crystal into the
first container...

 Do this till you get to the last remaining crystal in the second container and take that last crystal and do the
fifteenth repetition and then put that crystal away.

 Now you have six crystals in the first container, none in the second

 This following inverse pyramid will help illustrate the count sequence...


 So, as you see, by eliminating one crystal from the bunch at each cycle, you gradually come to the last one and you
will have chanted 36 times

Hence the Alpha crystal becomes the Omega crystal!.
Enjoy this most powerful activity.
Another thing...after a while, you'll develop a prayer routine, where, each crystal of each cycle will have a different prayer.
Now...I have a few questions to ask you, Oh kindest people... How badly do you want something? Would you be willing to devote an hour of chanting to get it? Do you think it will make you real focused...magnetized towards your goal? Just how badly do you want something? Instead of watching TV try chanting to...sharpen your focus...your intention...your attention...on your burning desire...yes... by chanting the night away...Do you think it will make a major impact? You darn tootin! it will.
Here is another thing to consider...oh kindest people!...we live in an age of unprecedented bombardment of media...ideas are hitting us everywhere we turn...some of them strengthening our resolves...and some of them weakening our resolves...if you want to make accomplishments in your life, you need to repeat the values of your desired accomplishments over and over...just! to stay afloat of all this media blitz...just another thing to
Thank you for the sublime pleasure to enlighten you, oh kindest people!
Thank You, God!

Sincerely and Lovingly
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese

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